About us

Sunway, the way to build a brighter day.

Our story

Sunway strives to supply fine quality building materials to power the construction industry. Founded in 1984, we have over 30 years of professional experience expertising in the production of stone façade construction materials, such as stainless steel stone panel brackets, anchor bolts, stone back anchors, tactile systems and other accessories. With the integration of the latest technology, we design, innovate and deliver. While it happens every day—a client receiving materials from us, each interaction is unique, with every single detail tailor-made. This is not simply a business transaction, but also a closely-knitted connection, where we together work to build and transform our society into a better world.

Our vision and misson

Through delivering stone facade construction materials, we hope to design, build and help transform our society into a better world. 

Our company

Founded in 1984, Sunway has over 30 years working experience specializing in the production of stone facade construction materials. We have workshops in both Hong Kong and mainland China.  

Our headquarter workshop in Hong Kong mainly caters clients with urgent needs and new product designs. 

On the other hand, our mainland branch located in Zhong Shan city is responsible for mass production. 

Our products

Product variety

Sunway delivers a wide variety of stone facade construction materials, such as stainless steel stone panel bracket, anchor bolt, stone back anchor, tactile system and other accessories. For more details, please browse our online catalogue.

Product quality

Sunway products have been officially recognised, with approvals from the Building Department (BD), Architecture Service Department (ASD) and the Housing Department, MTR, reputed Hong Kong and Macau private developers.

Since 2018, the management system of Sunway Metal Manufactory Ltd. in Hong Kong has also been certified with ISO 9001:2015 by FUGRO Certification Service Limited.

To maintain our product quality, samples are regularly sent to HOKLAS, Mainland China and Germany Laboratories for a myriad of tests. Sunway also established our own research and testing centre in our Mainland workshop.

Our customers

We have been working on a wide array of projects with customers from multiple fields. Below are a few projects we have worked on. For a complete list, please refer to our online catalogue.  

– West Kowloon Law Courts Building

– Queen Elizabeth Hospital

– Goldin Financial Global Centre


– Double Cove, Wu Kai Sha