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The management system of Sunway Metal Manufactory Ltd. in Hong Kong has been certified with ISO 9001:2015

香港新和金屬製品廠有限公司之品質管理系統 已取得ISO 9001:2015 認證


Sunway Metal Manufactory Ltd. is a specialist manufacturer & designer in the Stainless Steel products for general construction use. We have workshops in both H.K. & China.
In order to keep pace with customers’ needs and new construction technology development, the range of modern products is constantly being developed.

新和金屬製品廠有限公司專門生產及設計供建築行業使用之不鏽鋼產品,在香港及中國內地均設有廠房。 本公司時刻與時並進,持續投放資源進行新式產品之研究發展,以滿足客戶及創新建築技術的需求。

Products 產品

Stainless Steel Expansion Bolt 不鏽鋼拉爆螺絲
Stone Back Anchor 石背螺絲
Stainless Steel Bracket 不鏽鋼碼片
Shims and Washers 墊片及介子
Accessories 其他配件
Tile Mount 薄磚扣件