Anchor-Stone Back Anchor Drilling Machine SW-UDM-5(product)

SW-UDM5 Comprehensive Portable Stone Back Anchor Drilling Machine 

SUNWAY SW-UDM5 Comprehensive Portable Stone Back Anchor Drilling Machine is specifically designed for SUNWAY SW-BA Stone Back Anchor Installation

Applicable for drilling and enlarging holes on the backside of various natural stone panels, ranging from marble, limestone, granite, ceramic or high density cement board, with a view to collaborating with any dry installation of diverse front facade such as natural stone facade and ceramic facade


  • Drilling and enlarging holes for SW-BA stone back anchor are carried out in simple process and by only one machine
  • By using the principle of vacuum-pumping, drill hole’s position could be fixed during the process of drilling and enlarging
  • The drill holes could be guaranteed in a precise and consistent symmetric shape
  • Small Size, Portable, Easy to operate
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