Bracket tile mount (product)

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(Material: Stainless steel 304/316, Thickness: 0.6 – 1mm)

  • Tile Mount is a convenient fixture to install tiles/thin stones
  • Make good use of mechanical principle, bearing capacity is much higher than the traditional way (only bond with tile adhesive)

Advantages 優勢: 

  • Shorten the installation time 縮短安裝時間
  • Reduce the risk of shedding 減低脫落意外機會 
  • Reduce maintenance cost 降低維修成本
  • Strengthen the ability of anti-shocking 加強防震⼒
  • Mechanical fixture + adhesive : Double bearing capacity 雙重承托力

For Ordering and Inquiries, please contact us.

Basic Information 基本資料

Material 物料 : Stainless Steel 304/316 不鏽鋼 304/316       
Thickness 厚度 : 0.6-1 mm

Can tailor-make upon customers』 request. 


SUNWAY Tile Mount (SW-TM) is a convenient fixture to install tiles/thin stones. It make good use of mechanical principle and tile adhesive.

Comparing with the traditional way (only bond with tile adhesive), the bearing capacity of this way is much higher.  (at least 30kg more)

The whole installation becomes secure and stable,

新和薄磚扣件(SW-TM)是一件能方便瓷磚/薄石安裝的不鏽鋼配件。透過運用物理結構原理配合瓷磚膠,相比傳統只使用瓷磚膠的安裝方法,負載能力更強 (至少30kg 以上),使安裝更安全穩固。

Application 安裝示範圖

  •  Lee Tung Street, Wan Chai (Urban Renewal Authority Project)
     灣仔利東街 (市區重建局項目)
  •  Yuet Wai Street, Kwun Tong (Urban Renewal Authority Project)
     觀塘月華街 (市區重建局項目)
  •  Tai Kok Tsui hotel building project
  •  Tsuen Wan Hoi Hing Road Bus Station