Standard Bracket (product)

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Standard S.S. Bracket

(Material: Stainless steel 304/316, Thickness: 3mm – 8mm)

SUNWAY has more than 30 years experience specialized in the production of stainless steel bracket.  Different kinds of brackets could be tailor-made upon customers requests.


  • A very common and safe element for stone cladding installation
  • Capable to fix stone panels to different building substructure
  • Strong mechanical resistance, in order to withstand the wind loads and stone panels weight
  • Immune to different forms of corrosion

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Basic Information

Stainless steel brackets are very important components in the structural fixing system of stone cladding construction.
They connect the stone panels and building substructure in order to withstand the stones weight and wind pressure,
so that the stone panels could be maintained in the specified positions. 

Example1. A stone panel fixed by kerf brackets

Traditional Pin-Bracket fxing

Example2. A stone panel fixed by pin brackets


The following application samples are just for references. 

To ensure the safety, the whole bracket fixing system, including the size and type of bracket, the quantity of bracket will be used and etc., should be designed and gone through a precise structural calculation by chartered engineers or related authorities before using.

Back Bracket

Kerf Bracket

Pin Bracket

Stone Back Bracket and J Bracket

  • Hong Kong Disneyland
  • Hong Kong International Airport
  • International Finance Centre (IFC)
  • Wynn Palace, Macau
    永利皇宮, 澳門
  • West Kowloon Law Courts Building
  • Times Square
  • Providence Bay, Tai Po
  • The Spectra, Yuen Long
  • The Arch, Kowloon Station
    凱旋門, 九龍站
  • Villa Esplanada

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