Bracket SW-FT Fit Pin (product)

SUNWAY SW-FT Fit Pin Fixing

(Material: Stainless steel 304/316, Thickness: 3mm – 8mm)


  • Fit Pin fixing design could ensure all the S.S. Pin are vertical after installation, minimize the problem of different workmanship quality
  • S.S. Pin could be held tightly in the bracket without epoxy during installation progress, usage of epoxy could be reduced

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Basic Information

Traditional Pin-Bracket fxing

Traditional Pin-Bracket fxing

Pin may not be vertically fixed in the bracket or may be
lost during the installation process. 

SUNWAY SW-FT Fit Pin Fixing

The fit pin is fixed by press machine in workshop.
This ensure all the S.S. pins are vertical, in a good shape and could
be held tightly in the bracket


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