Stainless Steel Tactile System

SW-TB/TS Stainless Steel Tactile System

(Material: Stainless Steel 304/316)

  • Suitable for various range of applications, such as shopping mall, hotel, school, hospital or any public area
  • Easy and convenient installation
  • High durability
  • Could be tailor made to meet the customers needs

According to Buildings Department (BD) Barrier Free Access 2008, certain types of buildings such as hospital, shopping mall, school, sports center, cinema, etc. are required to provide access routes inside the buildings for persons with a disability to enter, move within and leave a building to reach the accessible facilities.

Three kinds of tactile tiles/blocks as shown in below are commonly used in constructing a tactile guide path:

For more government’s requirements, please refer to Building Department “Design Manual – Barrier Free Access 2008”

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